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Walk through the front door, there are your work shoes; head into your bedroom and you can’t even walk around without tripping on a shoe. We have all been there. If you are not careful, it’s easy for your whole house to become one big shoe storage space. However, with some amazing storage solutions you can free up your floor, maximize your space and spend the least time getting ready.

Get a Rotating Shoe Storage Rack

This is one of our favorite shoe storage solutions. It is stylish and functional. This shoe rack is fitted with a super strong precision crafter ball bearing system allowing to smoothly rotate at the touch of a finger. The rotating shoe rack can be fitted into your closet or used as a stand alone.

This shoe rack can fit 24 pairs, up to size 10 and as tall as 8 inches. Stacking your shoes will allow you to store close to 48 pairs of shoes. This Shoe Rack is a must have for any trendy woman.

Should you ever want to upgrade, this shoe rack can be converted into a wine rack or used as storage in the pantry. Isn’t that amazing?

shoe storage

Try Floating Shelves

Another great shoe storage idea if you are looking for extra storage or have limited storage space, are floating shelves Floating shelves provide a compact yet effective storage solution for shoes of any type. Plus, if you ever change your mind or get rid of some of your shoes, you can use the shelves to store or display other things, such as jewelry or books.

floating shelves

Buy an Over-the-door Shoe Storage Organizer

Over the door shoe storage organizers are the perfect space-saving solution to your shoe storage needs. They are not only convenient but affordable as well. Over the door shoe organizers are awesome because they make use of vertical space and you can use them to store many different items besides shoes.

shoe storage

Use Clear Storage Boxes with lids

It’s harder to pick out shoes or anything when you don’t know what you’re looking at. Clear storage boxes help in tracing where a particular shoe is and prevent rummaging through your room. Other than helping you easily trace your shoes,another great thing about having clear storage boxes as shoe storage is they protect shoes from dirt and are waterproof.

storage box

Store Flats and Sandals in Hanging Closet Organizers

Hanging closets are life savers. They can be used for practically storing anything in the closet. Hanging shoe storage organizers are particularly great for lightweight shoes such as sandals and flip-flops. You can fit a pair in each slot, or two if they are not chunky.

hanging closet

Consider a Portable Shoe Storage Rack

Portable Shoe Storage Racks create stylish storage wherever you need it. The attractive design features a sleek and sturdy frame with colorful fabric covering.  It’s perfect for all your shoe storage needs, highly portable and convenient. Just like the shoe racks above this shoe storage rack is multipurpose and can be converted to a clothing storage. You can take out one of the shelves to create space for long shoes such as boots and heels.

portable shoe rack


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