Foldable Car Seat organizer
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This foldable car seat organizer is an amazing car accessory. It is perfect for keeping your day-to-day essentials neatly organized in the car. This foldable car seat organizer can easily be transformed into a table letting you use a laptop in the back seat of your car. You can also use the table to place your meal and eat from there. The seat organizer also comes with a bottle holder preventing spillage in your car. Another great perk about this foldable car seat organizer is that you can use it as a folder to place your documents and carry it around.  This foldable car seat organizer It is easy to install , all you need to do is hang it at the back of the seat.

Can be easily and firmly installed on back seat in your car .
Very suitable for car travel
It is convenient and useful for you to fold it up when you don’t need it
This is a multifunctional product which can be used for store bag, a table for table work or meal.

Dimensions: 36*30.5 cm