71Xt8xkEwuL. SL1024  - Flat Reusable Bpa-Free Portable Ultra Slim Water Bottle,"Do Your Best" Bottle 380Ml
Price : KSh 400.00

  • ts assorted colors is a perfect combination of utility and style. Can hold liquids upto Max temperature 50 C, (120F).Its convenient handle makes it Easy to handle and clean, Wash with warm water and don’t wash in the dishwasher. Not suitable for carbonated liquids. Can be used as Frosted Fruit bottles. A Special gift for your friends, kids or loved ones.
  • Great space saving design sports bottle for every use. Ideal for travelling / Office, School, Colleges, Outdoor Activities, Sports, Hip Flask, water bottle, flasks, Fruit / vegetable Juice Bottle, sipper water bottle. It gives users a convenient object that fits neatly into any carrying case, just like a book or a computer. Durable and Freezer proof and heat resistant (Do not use with very hot drinks).
  • College going students can handle this as college books. This has a beautiful neat handle to carry this water bottle. Adds to your style ( style Statement ). Reusable water bottle for the premium drinker, comes in a recycled cardboard packaging. Lightweight, Versatile Water Dispenser. Can be used as a container for your travel shampoo, in your survival bags or just for water. Fits in your pocket, handbag or held while jogging.
  • Great looking, Clear Water Bottle. It has a printed inspiring message “do your best” to start your day. 2016 new product. Made of safe material, food grade plastic. Also can be used to store baby foods. Great, Must have product for kids, sport men, office people. It can be put in a lunchbox, gym bag, luggage, office desk, cabins or backpack without spilling. Perfect size, lightweight & easy to carry.

Black, Blue, Green, Red