Bra and Underwear pouch

KSH 950

  • Product Code: Bra and Underwear pouch
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Thisl underwear pouch is a very unique and well made pouch bag for keeping underwear and bra. This underwear pouch unzips completely to unfold, allowing easy access and organization of your items. One side has 4 elastic pockets built in to store underpants and socks, and other side is used to store bra and others.

A detachable zippered pouch with velcro that you can use to store wet underwear or tampons while travelling.  Within this detachable pouch also includes a separator where you can use it to organize your items even more! You can also use this pouch bag as a baby pouch to store diapers, bottles, wet tissues, and more.


  • 4 Elastic pockets
  • Hidden pocket
  • Water resistant
  • Detachable zipper pouch
  • Store up to 3 ~ 6 bra
  • Top handle

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