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Ask Us About Organizing-Organized Planet for Organized Living


Picture this; You get home from work, in most cases, fatigued. You take off your shoes at the doorstep (dump them together with the ones you wore yesterday and the day before). Walk to the kitchen to fix a light meal but can't find the knife. The last time you did the dishes, you did not organize them in their rightful place. You're frustrated, hungry, and angry, so you order in from your favorite restaurant.


Let's watch some TV!

Back in the living room, turn the TV on to catch your favorite show as you wait on your meal. But the remote wants to play hide and seek. By the time you find the remote if you do. Your food has arrived. With the little energy and patience you have left, you eat quickly and head to bed. 


Just when you thought things could not get any worse. Voila! Your bedroom is a mess. Clothes on the bed and everything scattered on the floor. What do you do? Move the clothes to the chair-wardrobe-We are all guilty of the chair-wardrobe. And crawl into your undone bed.


It's morning already!

Wake up, take a shower, and as you dress up, you realize one of the earrings you want to wear is missing. You either change into an entirely different outfit or do without the earrings. As if that is not enough, you cannot find your watch! 

On your way out, remember how you've been 'dumping' shoes? Now one is under the sofa and the other, nowhere to be found. You're running LATE! Rough night, rough morning, day in, day out! What to do?


Regain control of your home! 

Everything in your home (and life) is a mess. But the good news is it doesn't have to stay that way. Life is already hard enough. You don't need additional chaos.


Knowing what to put where, where to find what you need, when you need it and manage the clutter that seems to take over the house is simple. But it can be overwhelming.


Here is where Organized Planet comes in. We help you regain control of your home and leave the chaos behind once and for all.


Whether you're all in on the Marie Kondo craze or need some simple clutter management solutions, our organizing solutions come in handy. Organized Planet helps you tackle the clutter in your home and create space where you never knew you had it.

An organized home is a happy home!

Organized places are proven to reduce stress levels and improve one's mood. And who would not want to be happy? Besides that, just think about how easy it'll be to find stuff you need and avoid last-minute hassles.

Finding your shoes or the remote doesn't have to be such a hard task! Next time you want to throw down your fave meal, your cutlery, and everything is where it's supposed to be! 


So, you had to change your entire outfit because you couldn't find the earrings that matched it? We have jewelry organizers that make sure the next time you want to accessorize, everything will be right where you need it. 


Time-saving right?


From home, office to travel organizers, and everything you can think of, Organized Planet has a solution to all your organizing needs.


Let Organized Planet be part of your journey to organized living. Walk into our stores or make your order online and turn your house into a happy home!



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