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02 Aug Bathroom Décor Chronicles
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Bathroom décor has come a long way from just a soap dish and a toothbrush holder. Admittedly, these remain the essentials, but bathrooms are now more than shower space. From shower curtains, bathroom mats, accessory sets, toothpaste dispensers, tissue box covers to shower caddies if you have a need for it in your bathroom, you'll find it at Organiz..
02 Aug Carpets And Rugs
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Carpet and rugs define your space and solidify your décor theme. Whatever look you have in mind for your space Organized Planet offers carpets, runners, and rugs that will bring your space together...
02 Aug Organized Storage Is Here
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Clutter can take over your life. Organized Planet offers endless ideas when it comes to storage solutions including ottomans, shelving, shoe racks, car boot organizers, toy storage boxes, wicker baskets, cutlery organizers, desk organizers and much more. Basically, all organizing solutions that tackle clutter in every part of your life and create s..
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