HTB1vk4nuuSSBuNjy0Flq6zBpVXal - Carved Plastic Tissue box storage box
Price : KSh 1,500.00


Store your tissues and other desk items or remote in  stylish way with this elegant tissue box. This decorative tissue holder storage box  features flower carvings on the side which gives it, its great appeal. Fill this tissue box by simply placing a box or stack of tissues inside, and then take advantage of the top opening to retrieve a facial tissue whenever you need one. This unique tissue storage box beautifully compliments any decor or color scheme. Use this tissue holder in any room, from living rooms to bedrooms to bathrooms, and help make reaching for a tissue and your phone or remote visually pleasing experience.


  • Texture: Beaded heart
  • Open too allows for easy replacement of empty tissue boxes – just lift the cover and place a new box underneath.
  • Holds most standard-sized Square tissue boxes
  • Tissue holders are ideal for home(dining room, bedroom or bathroom), office and car automotive use.
  • Size: about 28 * 13 * 9.9 cm
  • Material: PP

Blue, Pink