Webp.net resizeimage 48 1 - Acrylic LED Candle Holder
Price : KSh 1,800.00KSh 2,200.00

These acrylic LED Candle Holder offers a dose of well-worn charm that is perfect to set chill and romantic mood. Made from acrylic, these pieces showcase vertical grooves and turned accents that contribute to their classic character. Though each round design is a different size, ranging from 30cm  tall to 23 cm tall, their curved silhouettes, neutral finish, and weathered details give them a uniform feel.
The candle holder which serves as both a holder and a candle, contains a glycerin with floating fairy lights and is powered by batteries. The holder part which is 18 cm can work with regular candles or flameless LED candles.
The candles are perfect as decor pieces for wedding, a dinner at home or bedroom.


  • Classic design
  • Crafted from acrylic

Product Details

  • Holder Material: Acrylic
  • Candle Compatibility: 18cm W PillarBattery 3*AAA

Big 30cm, Medium 26 cm, Small 23cm