Webp.net resizeimage 31 - Clear Plastic Cereal/Dry Food Container/Storage Tin
Price : KSh 800.00KSh 1,200.00


Whether you’re bringing harmony to your busy kitchen counters or putting together dry ingredients in your well-stocked pantry space, this food storage container lets you tie any utilitarian space together in effortless style. Featuring BPA-free plastic designs, this set is an environmentally friendly and safe addition to your storage arsenal, while the lidded designs let you keep food dry and fresh longer. Use them in the pantry to keep pasta, rice, and lentils at the ready for quick and easy weeknight meals, or station them on the kitchen counter with an array of your favorite cereals to grab a quick breakfast on the go.

These durable, clear plastic containers with easy-grip design, feature large-pour hinged spout and snap-on lid. Keeps stored food fresh longer. Dishwasher safe. Freezer safe.


1.5Kg, 3.0 Kg