67699032 2378488149039474 8154459783320043520 n - 3-in-1 UV Tooth Brush Sterilizer and Tooth Paste Dispenser
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This product helps you eliminate harmful bacteria and germ-spreading in your bathroom. This item provides you with convenient access to quick oral hygiene care. Sanitize, sterilize and disinfect everyone’s toothbrushes and avoid potential infections and dangerous viruses. With a drying fan added, this UV toothbrush holder can improve the drying speed of toothbrush heads. Put the toothbrushes in and after 4 minutes of drying time, the UV light will be on (close the lid when working); One charge once a week. The ultraviolet light is lab tested to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria while the toothpaste dispenser avoids any messes around the sink. No drills needed(or if you want, also can do), you can mount the toothbrush holder with the 3M double-sided tape.


  • Keep your bathroom clean and hang it up
  • Sanitizes, sterilizes, disinfects
  • Universal toothbrush compatibility
  • Simply insert your brushes to sanitize
  • Shelf holds up to 4 toothbrushes
  • Cabinet opens to securely hold and sterilize
  • Lab tested to kill harmful germs and bacteria